Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blogging at ISTE

Yesterday learned my way around the convention center, work out my feet and shoulders, but had a great time.
Keynote speakers... on Tuesday started with a robot dance, then a human street dance.

Have my volunteer session today, so will probably work my way through the day..

Stephen Covy ... had a really neat saying.... "Basing students abilities on test scores is the worst case of identity theft there is... "


  1. Now I'm home, with lots of papers to go through, and lots of memories from the Philly cheesesteak we had for lunch to the fancy salads for dinner, and the breakfast meeting on game designing. My mind will will need as much time to sort what I learned as my feet will need to heal the blisters on them from walking between 3 huge convention centers to get to all my sessions.

    Overall opinion... great conference -- well done again, ISTE!

  2. I also had good news on two fronts for future writing projects. Found a possible publisher who may be willing to do a 2nd edition on my books, and basically have received a go ahead on my dissertation. So very nice on the professional front and projects that will put me right on track for retirement in a few years.

    Yeah!! :-)